Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers Represent Victims Injured in a Variety of Slip and Fall Accidents

There are a variety of manners in which slip and fall accidents occur:

Trip and Fall Accidents

This type of accident ensues if an individual trips and falls due to an obstacle in a walkway or pathway.  Property owners are responsible to ensure that paths and walkways are clear of clutter and free from hazards so that people can pass safely.  An example of a foreign object in a public walkway that could lead to a trip and fall accident is a palette of groceries left in the aisle at a food store.

Step and Fall Accidents

A step and fall accident can take place if an individual takes a step onto an uneven or bumpy surface and consequently loses their balance and falls.  The unforeseen irregularity in the floor causes this type of accident and the potential for injury.  Some examples of common uneven surfaces that cause step and fall accidents are cracks in sidewalks, broken stairs and pitted holes in the pavement. 

Stump and Fall Accidents

In a stump and fall accident, a walkway is structurally defective causing an individual  to stumble, lose their balance, and fall.  Structural defects or other dangerous obstructions in a walkway create unsafe conditions for pedestrians and put them at great risk for serious injuries.  An example of a structural defect could be a brick protruding from the walkway.  Also, an elevator that leaves space between the shaft and the floor upon opening is an example of an obstacle that has a high likelihood for a stump and fall accident.

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